Defect (R) next to normal (L). Defect back side in my hand.

This is an injection molded acrylic replica of the original LED bubble strip element of an Exactra 19 or 20 calculator. It measures 51 x 15 mm, so it is a bit wider than a real bubble strip to fit better in a Graflex or MPP style clamp. The bubbles are crystal clear and nicely polished. The front surface around the bubbles is slightly matted, just as in the original part. The strip might need some adjusting to fit a clamp.

Temporarily only B-choice bubble strip available (see second image).
These have small defects on the back side (sink marks) which are slightly visible from the front side. Until the correct parts are ready, the B-choice strips will be offered for a reduced price of $8 instead of $13.

Bubble Strip (with defects): $ 8

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