D-ring dimensions
D-ring dimensions
MPP D-ring (shroud no included)
2019-03-20 14.07.19

The D-ring only is suitable and screen accurate for several OT lightsabers:

  • Obi-wan ANH lightsaber
  • Obi-wan ANH stunt / Luke ROTJ V2 lightsaber
  • other Luke ROTJ stunt sabers

This D-ring is custom made to size. It’s made from nickel plated carbon steel.

The TFA D-ring Only is ready to install in a Kobold Clip. The thickness is 2.9mm.

The MPP D-ring Only is ready to install a MPP shroud. The thickness is 2.4mm. A pdf with 1:1 details can be viewed here.

Including free worldwide shipping.

D-RING ONLY: $ 5[wp_cart_button name=”D-ring Only” price=”5″ shipping=”0.0001″]

TFA D-RING ONLY: $ 5[wp_cart_button name=”TFA D-ring Only” price=”5″ shipping=”0.0001″]

MPP SHROUD D-RING ONLY: $ 5[wp_cart_button name=”MPP Shroud D-ring Only” price=”5″ shipping=”0.0001″]

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