Resin hires 3D printed grip guide with support ring.
Mounting grips with the support ring.
ANH Grip Guide with support ring
Mounting grips without the support ring.
ANH Grip Guide without support ring
The grip guide
ANH Grip Guide.460
The grip guide
ANH Grip Guide.461
The grip guide
ANH Grip Guide.457
The grip guide
ANH Grip Guide.459

Accurate Grip Guide for a extremely accurate Luke ANH lightsaber build. It is reverse engineered from various promo & B.T.S. images of the screen used hero prop. The guide part contains the wonky location and lengths of the 7 grips (fits WannaWanga grips) and it also contains a drilling guide for the 6 (!) rivet holes according to the latest information on the hero saber. Sizes on the guide are in millimeters.

A support ring is included to keep the tracks straight when gluing. The use of the support ring is optional and it’s really up to you if you need it.

My updated Luke ANH Blueprint for reference here.

For more details please visit this thread on the RPF.
Or visit the WannaWanga Facebook page.

These are the parts you might need to purchase:

In case you have a 3D printer you can also download the 3D file from the Thingiverse and print it yourself.

Free worldwide shipping.

Luke ANH accurate grip guide: $ 25