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Version 2022.

Highly accurate clamp lever replica of the Luke ROTJ V2 lightsaber prop. It has been reverse engineered based on the original prop. At SWCA (2015) Brandon Alinger from the Prop Store announced that the original Luke’s ROTJ V2 lightsaber prop is alive and well and in his collection.

Version 2022 has some small modifications: a bit more taper on the lever shape, a slightly longer screw and a carbon steel nut that can get rusty.

The V2 clamp lever is a complete assembly and contains a CNC machined nickel plated brass lever part, a stainless steel screw (thread #5-40), rectangular nut and back-plate. The lever fits a Graflex clamp and can even be screwed in the Graflex clamp bracket.

(Graflex clamp NOT included)

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