Endor Bunker Bomb Kit


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Replica model kit of the Endor bunker bomb hero prop from Return Of The Jedi. This model was reverse engineered in 3D from auction pictures, known parts references and behind the scenes images of one of the hero props. It is a very accurate replica of this prop.

The kit comes with industrial quality ABS 3D-printed body parts and all the greeblies are added, some resin prints, some in metal and even authentic parts. All fasteners are also included. The kit can be assembled with screws, just some small details need adhesive. The kit can be disassembled, which is convenient for FX installs or in case the real body parts are discovered the interior can be migrated. There are a few options: a complete kit with (unpainted) resin photomultiplier dynodes or with real metal photomultiplier dynodes.

Electronics (sound board, LED’s) or magnets are not included. Painting and finishing to be done be yourself.

The kit contains:

Main body:

  • Body & base (skirt); 3D printed ABS, white
  • Top and bottom plate; laser cut aluminum sheet


  • 2 Slider knobs replicas (3D printed ABS and sheet metal)
  • 2 Michell thumbscrew replicas (aluminium)
  • 2 Red LED lens caps;
  • 2 Boot stud 3D printed (ABS) replicas
  • Including 2 Steel replica boot studs 
  • 1 Potentiometer; this has an on/off switch and can optionally function for your electronics (not included)
  • 1 Potentiometer knob (aluminum)
  • 1 Gear hub V8 model (3D printed ABS)
  • 1 Bell cap (3D printed ABS)
  • 2 Photomultiplier dynode (3 options, see this image)
  • 1 Metal cable clip (Mulbrod clip alternative)


  • Aurebesh text stencil, both positive text and a negative paint stencil
  • A3 print with the assembly
  • A3 print with the exploded view

A paint stencil, for the red and yellow patches, can be downloaded here.

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 20 × 15.5 × 11 cm

kit with resin photomultiplier dynodes, kit with real photomultiplier dynodes (opposite side version), kit with real photomultiplier dynodes (correct version), greeblies only kit (no main body parts)