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WannaWanga ECO-grips

Very accurate OT-style, injection molded grips for ANH and ESB sabers:

  • Easy to install (with self-adhesive 3M tape on the back)
  • Perfectly detailed, no work or finishing needed
  • High impact ABS material
  • Symmetrical T-shape

For a very sharp price of $22.50 per set (6x ESB or 7x ANH). Perfect for any Graflex based saber!

Classic, extruded T-track grips will continue to be available at various lengths here and here.

The difference

The classic grips are made of extruded plastic T-track, just like the original grips of the props. The ECO-grips are manufactured differently: they are injection molded plastic with the angles (ANH) or the grooves & holes (ESB) molded in directly. Visually the difference is subtle. In terms of geometry, they are both accurate. The ECO grips are convenient, the classic grips are more true to the originals.

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