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WannaWanga ECO-grips

Very accurate OT-style, injection molded grips for ANH and ESB sabers:

  • Easy to install (with self-adhesive 3M tape on the back)
  • Perfectly detailed, no work or finishing needed
  • High impact ABS material
  • Symmetrical T-shape

For a very sharp price of $22.50 per set (6x ESB or 7x ANH). Perfect for any Graflex based saber!

Classic, extruded T-track grips will continue to be available at various lengths here and here.

The difference with the Classic T-tracks

On the left is the molded ECO grip.
On the right the classic T-track.

ECO grips are injection molded in ABS, are symmetrical and idealized. They have a fine grain surface finish.

The uncut classic T-tracks are extruded in PVC like the original prop and allow for the length and angles cut to be non-uniform for a more accurate finish. They have a typical surface texture of the extrusion process. This T-profile was used in multiple props in the SW universe.

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