T-tracks (regular uncut)


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Regular T-track extruded profile sets. Straight pieces, no angled cuts or notches. Pre-cut T-tracks can be found here.

The T-track profile is reverse engineered from various archive pictures of screen used props and has been approved by lightsaber prop specialists. The detailing is superb and highly screen accurate. The source of the black profiles used for the original props is still unknown, but it is generally assumed that they were kitchen cabinet door sliding profiles.

Although you can trim them to your preferred length, here are some suggestions:

  • Luke ESB: 6 pieces, 3 5/8″ (92mm)
  • Luke ANH and Vader ANH: 7 pieces, 3 5/8″ (92mm)
  • Vader ESB and ROTJ: 6 pieces, 4.10″ (104mm)

Check the blueprints for additional information here.

The T-track are extruded from hard plastic, the same material and production method as the OT screen used sabers.

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