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Paint stencil for steel shroud


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Vinyl paint stencil designed for the steel shroud run 2020. Minutely copied chipped paint and rust spots from the screen used DV saber prop from ESB. Makes weathering the shroud a breeze!

A few small changes were made to the shroud design, so the stencil will not match exactly with the 2017 steel shroud. It hasn’t been tested yet.

Stencil paint instructions:

  • Clean the shroud with soap and allow to dry fully
  • Cut out the two stencil parts (use scissors or cutter)
  • Remove the stencil backing foil and apply the vinyl stickers on the shroud
  • Remove the front application foil (be careful that all the tiny vinyl patches stay put!)
  • Remove all the black vinyl areas and leave the brown patches
  • Cover the smooth internal area with masking tape or otherwise
  • Paint it black (use satin gloss spray paint) and let it dry
  • Remove all the remaining vinyl patches
  • Let the bare metal spots rust by spraying hot salted water on it repeatedly or leave outdoor in rainy weather for a few days!

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