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Photomultiplier dynode


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Vintage photomultiplier dynodes (louver parts), leftovers from the Endor Bunker Bomb Kit.

Please send me a order note at the checkout page which one you prefer. Otherwise you will receive type B.

The type that is correct for the hero bunker bomb version from my kit is not available.

They are ALL in great condition. All very shiny, chromed metal parts.

  • Type A: has copper louvers. SOLD OUT
  • Type B: is almost identical to the correct Bunker Bomb part but geometrically mirrored. Many left.
  • Type C:  SOLD OUT
  • Type D: with square backplate. 5 left
  • Type E: with square backplate. 5 left
  • Type F: as E but with two closed holes. 1 left
  • Type G: as D but with oval slots. 5 left
  • Type H: as G but mirror image. 3 left
  • Type I: as H but with two closed holes. 1 left
  • Type J: (not pictured) as G, but with different outer shape. 2 left


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Weight 6 g